• Afzal Sabri

    Sufi Music Master

  • Ustad Anwer Kha Sahib

    Tabla Nawaz (Ghulam Fareed Sabri) Brothers.

  • Afzal Sabri & Brothers

    6 Son of Ustad Anwer Kha Sahib


Afzal Sabri, born in 1974 (Son of Ustad Anwar Kha Sahib).

When he started exploring the world, the first thing to hear was Sabri Music. The Orginity & speciality of Sabri Music is the Naat-E-Rasool Maqbool (S.A.W). The Impact of Naat-E-Rasool on Afzal Sabri, he decided to live further of his life for the same cause of Sufism. To Countinue his life for Sufism, Allah Blessed him with 2 Masters (ustaad), Ustaad Anwear Kha Sahib(Father) Frrom which he learned the obedience of Sufism & how to maintain the rhythym of Sufism during ecstasy on Sufis in Mehfil-E-Sama & Ustaad Haji Maqbool Ahmed Sabri, From which he learned classical music & how to explain the qawali poetry's to Sufis. These 2 Masters are the King of Qawwals, One obviously his father & other his best mentor, guide & teacher. Afzal Sabri has learned the Skills of Qawali by masters of Qawali of this world. They are well-known by their famous Qalam's such as Tajdar-E-Harami, Khwaja Ki deewani, Sar la Makan Se Talib, Bhar Do Johli. Afzal Sabri is blessed to have them as his master. All of the teachings of these 2 World Well Known Artists is transferred to Afzal Sabri, who is well known for his artistic Rhythmic Music of Qawwal.

Afzal Sabri

Sufi Music Master